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My Development

My Development

My Development

Playboy's Shooter v 1.0

This is my first ever development for the psp.It is called Playboy's Shooter v1.0.It is a basic space shooter game with many new editions compared to the older version which i never released.Changelog from the older version :

-Added new planes instead of a boring old one
-New bullets
-New levels (Still need to make many more levels)
-A new XMB style menu
-Scrolling credits(before it was just stationary)
-A boss level
-New powerups
-Added ability to shoot the powerups instead of having to wait for it to reach the plane
-Fixed some collision problems
-Plane now moves according to the speed in the plane choosing screen
-New start screen
-A moving-like background(Not working smoothly yet)
-Added a good scoring system

ScreenShots coming in the future.
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